Fadi came in from Oklahoma to purchase his pre-owned G37!!


Mrs.Vo came all the way from Fort Worth to get a great deal on her BMW 750Li


Mr.Gillis flew in from Houston to pick up his SUPERCHARGED Jaguar!!


Candace congratulations on your new HUMMER H3!


Mr.Golden just bought a One Owner FJ Cruiser for his son! We are happy to be a part of his first car experience!


Mr.Wallace drove all the way from Emory Texas to pick up his C230 Sport!!


Shawn just picked up his One Owner 2014 Maserati Quattroporte GTS!!!


Veronica is loving her new Cadillac CTS Luxury Package!


Congratulations on your new Honda Accord Hellen!


Max just picked up a Texas Edition Tahoe!


Mr.M came all the way from Tomball, Texas to get an amazing deal on a 2010 Jaguar XF //R Supercharged! Rare Car!


Mr.Brutton just got his hands on a White on White 750i!


Stephen traded in his old Tahoe and upgraded to a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe LT!


Harvey just got his hands on a Charger HEMI R/T!


Dorothy Congratulations on your 2009 Cadillac CTS!


Tim came all the way from Waco to get his Low Mileage Cadillac DTS!


Mackie picked up a GMC Sierra DENALI With a bunch of UPGRADES!


Eric purchased his F-250 Diesel Truck out of Florida and we shipped it to him!


Daniel came from South Dakota to pick up his G37S With Mods!


Crystal came from Hurst Texas to pick up her Avenger!


John came all the way from Houston to get his Wrangler!


Dejon came from Louisiana to get his LS460!


Norma came from Fort Worth to her her Mustang!


Ryan came from Oklahoma to pickup his Audi A4 S-Line Package


Steve came from Fort Worth to purchase a Range Rover Sport and a Mercedes Benz E350!


Dwayne, congratulations on your new Honda Odyssey Elite


Norma picked up a low mileage Honda Civic!


Minh is loving his new Toyota Prius!


Jeremy drove 4 hours to get his new Ford Edge Limited Edition!


Andy came from Mineral Wells, Tx to get his 2008 Silverado Regency Package! Lots of upgrades like a 6" Lift And 35" tires!


Linda came from Longview to purchase her daughter a new Hummer H3!


Patrick drove from Whitehouse, Tx to get his pre-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited!


David just got his hands on a Cadillac Escalade EXT!


Ronald came from Missouri to get his Hona Accord EX-L


Ryan drove from Lubbock, TX to get his Pearl White Lexus GS350!


Martin Just got his hands on a 2009 Dodge Ram Laramie Package!


Mr. Wilbou came from Louisiana to get his 2009 Chevrolet Silverado DURAMAX DIESEL!


Scott Came from Foey, TX to get his new Tahoe Z71!


Jereme just picked up his low mileage Mercedes Benz S500 AMG!


Evan just picked up his 2013 Bentley Continental GT SuperSport!!


Congratulations, Jason, on your new Lexus!


Erika said this is her dream car! Thanks for working with us!


Mr. Franks drove from 4 hours away to pick up this Mercedes for his son!


Congratulations on your first car!


Mr. Clinton Moses drove all the way from Arkansas to pick up his new exotic Lexus IS-F!


Tony got his Mercedes at a GREAT deal!


Justin just got a VERY nice upgrade from his Civic to his new 2015 BMW 3 Series


Jacob needed the space bought himself a Expedition.


Congratulation on your first car Samuel.


Ronald drove all the way from Mississippi for his 100k MILE 2005 Silverado 2500 HD!


The 2006 F150 sat on the lot for 24 Hours. And Derrick secured over the phone and flew in a picked up his truck.


Congratulations Steven!!!


Mohammad surprised his 7 year sold with a new Avalanche.


Brandan got a steal on his 2007 Cadillac DTS


Get a full ride to Aubu. Get your parents to buy you a Jeep. Good Luck at Aubu Sydney.


Curtis and his family bought a 2008 F150


Small businesses owner, Hilario, bought a F250 as work truck.


The Worster came all the way from Pennsylvania and bought TWO cars. 2008 F250 and 2011 Infiniti Qx56!!!


We work all our of the night. Thank you Daniel for shopping at Dallas Drive.


Gus bought his son a Hummer H3 for his first car. Great choice.


Enjoy your summer Alejandro, with your Texas JEEP


Marcus and his family got a steal with this Suburban, and drove from Texarkana.


Jennifer bought her son a 2009 Audi A4 for his first vehicle. Luxury car at a affordable price.


Mark and his family can now pull his boat with his 2009 FORD F250.


Good luck on your farm Jennifer.


Gary drove late a night to close the deal on a 2009 Range Rover with a Life Time Power Train Warranty.


Johnathan and his family will all the space they need in their new YUKON.


Brandon surprised his wife with a 2011 Infiniti G37


Badar left his home at 4 o'clock in the moing to be the first one at the door. Congratulation!!!


The Robertson finally received their dream car.


Enjoy your road trips Mr. William with your family in your new Jeep.


Joshua and his dad flew in to pick up their 2012 F150 FX4.


Michelle was very excited to receive your 2012 XC90.


Retired Auto Dealer Robert, Came to Dallas Drive to purchase a 2013 Challenger.


Shelly and Ismael surprised their 17 year old son for 2013 F250 truck


Mr. Gray bought a 2013 Tundra for his 16 year old son.


Kyle sold his house came and bought himself a 2015 Audi A4


Congratulation on the Classic Mercedes.


Enjoy your new lifted Silverado truck


Mr. R did his research and found his retirement car. A low mile BMW X5.


Thanks for choosing us for your son's first Jeep! We hope he likes it!


Heavy rain didn't stop Michael from buying his low-mile Fiat.


Matt came from straight off his flight to purchase this new Audi.


Congratulations on your new BMW! Thanks for choosing us!


Rigo came from out of state. Within a half hour at the dealership, he was driving off in his new BMW.


Congrats, Julia, on purchasing this Toyota Matrix. We hope your family enjoys it!


Jessica just got herself an AWESOME red rhino-lined Wrangler!


Another BMW sale in the books! Thanks for choosing us, Mrs. Barethz!


Lonnie surprised his 16 year old daughter with a Acura TL. Congrats Lonnie


Congrats on your awesome lifted Silverado Joshua. Thanks for your business


Jacob and his mom drove from Austin to purchase a Ford excursion. Congrats Jacob!


Todd moved here from Las Vegas and purchased a Toyota sequoia. Congrats to you and your family!


Congrats on you new 2010 G37 coupe Jennifer.


Good luck on your Nissan Juke kaLeah!


Timothy drove 3 hours to purchase a Jeep Wrangler. Congrats Tim!


Christine just got her hands on a beautiful corvette! Good luck Christine!


Glad we were able to find your family a Truck! Congrats!


Thomas got his hands on a newer Cadillac Escalade. Good luck!

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